Good Spring Farm was among the first in Atlantic Canada to be certified organic in 1987. Everything we sell is produced here in Keswick Ridge by us and meets or exceeds Canadian Organic Standards. We sell mostly at the Boyce Farmers’ Market in Fredericton every Saturday morning throughout the year. We have chickens, eggs, potatoes, mixed vegetables, berries and tree fruit. 
Mixed Vegetables

Beside the several varieties of potatoes, we have a large mix of vegetables. Greenhouse grown, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and mixed greens and field crops squash (summer & winter), carrots, onions, leeks, garlic, swiss chard, beans and rutabaga. Much of our vegetables are produced from seed we have saved from our own previous years’ crops such as lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cousa squash and winter squashes. 


Good Spring Farm has field watermelon, cantaloupe,  berries – raspberries, blueberries, blackberries,  and tree fruits – pears and apples available in season at the Boyce Market Saturday mornings.


Our customers speak of our chicken as “the true old-fashioned delicious flavour” (now not easily found by consumers). Three heritage breeds of chickens are bred, incubated and raised on our farm - New Hampshires, Black Australorpes and Good Spring Selects. A higher proportion of dark meat is found in the first two which are considered “red feather” types.

During the spring, summer and fall, these birds are out on green pasture by day and in covered  secure range huts by night. Cold weather has them free range in the insulated barn. The birds have a broad diet of a complete ration of organic locally sourced grains, vitamins and minerals, our culled vegetables and potatoes, plus all their plant and insect discoveries while on pasture.

 Processing of birds for meat happens at the government inspected, organically approved Jolly Farmer abattoir 4 times per year. Fresh chicken is available each of those weeks at the Boyce Farmers’ Market or by order, otherwise is available frozen year round.


We have one customer who has tried to give substitute organic eggs to his kids when our supply was unavailable during season crossover. He could not fool them! They declared they were not ours. His kids could taste the difference with our eggs over other organics! Organic eggs are produced on our farm from chickens that Good Spring Farm originally bred, incubated, and raised earlier in the year or the previous year. Thus there is never a trace of antibiotics that can be present in day-old chicks from a conventional hatchery that are subsequently raised organically.

Three heritage breeds are raised: New Hampshires, Black Austalorpes and Good Spring Selects. They are pastured during favourable weather and otherwise free to run in the insulated barn. Food consists of certified organic feed sourced in New Brunswick and our culled potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

Our eggs are only sold at the Boyce Market or from the farm due to New Brunswick selling regulations. Our birds are not” battery” hens with less egg production per bird, so quantities are limited. Some hatching eggs and baby chicks are available.

Potato Seed

This season we have 8 varieties of table potatoes including 3 fingerling varieties. Fingerling varieties are Pink Fir Apple, Swedish Peanut (Peanut) and Russian Banana (Banana). Boiler variety is Nordonna, more versatile boiler/ bakers are Carola, Yukon Gold and Rhine Red. Onaway is a moist baker. All our potatoes can be tossed in oil & seasonings then roasted. The Fingerlings, Nordonna, Onaway and Carola give the best results. Most of our varieties are older heritage varieties which have higher nutrient values i.e. vitamins, minerals and proteins. At this time we do not have Kennebecs due to the deer eating the tops off completely.

Here at Good Spring Farm we produce double certified potatoes – certified Organic by TransCanada Organic Certification Services (TCO Cert) and certified by Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as seed. By being a CFIA certified seed potato grower, we can offer you the varieties that have excellent taste, differing cooking qualities and good disease resistance.

Please contact us if you're interested in buying our potato seeds.