About Good Spring Farm

Starting in 1980, we have been permanent vendors at Boyce Farmers Market on George St. in Fredericton, New Brunswick. You will find us there year round with our in-season farm products.

Our History

Our farm located in Keswick Ridge consists of 32 acres including a select cut wood lot that runs to the Mactaquac Head Pond, 2 commercial size greenhouses and the use of land owned by 3 generous neighbours. The south-facing slope and elevation allow for the growing benefits of sun and air circulation. Lots of rocks, ledges, springs and deer are challenges.

 Crop storage is located off-site at the Keswick Ridge Apple Co-op in our secure dedicated space.

 Over the years, Good Spring Farm has served the community by working with “at risk” youth, ex-offenders and those needing work and life skills to help meet their full potential in life.

Karen Davidge was recipient of the Gerrit Loo Award by ACORN in 2008.


Production Methods / Sustainability

Some of the methods used on our farm relate to working with rather than trying to control nature. Soil building is achieved through cover cropping and field rotations. This season some fields were planted in buckwheat, others in oilseed radishes, hairy vetch, oats & field peas.


Season extension methods including hoops and row covers are used for frost protection, controlling insects and deer.


A diversified number of beneficial insects are used to control insect pests e.g. lady bugs, spined soldier beetles.